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Irv Rubin


Here’s an interesting email:

Dear Jonah,

I was enjoying your article until I came to:

“Oh, and speaking of denouncing fellow Jews, I’ve done it plenty of times. For example, when Irv Rubin of the JDL was arrested for plotting a terrorist attack I denounced him in the strongest possible terms, as did pretty much every prominent Jewish figure in America within 48 hours. (See Jeff Jacoby’s excellent column from December 20, 2001. You need to scroll down.) “

Of course, this supports your point [that the Jewish community denounces "its terrorists"], BUT…

DID IT NEVER OCCUR TO YOU THAT IRV RUBIN WAS FRAMED SPECIFICALLY TO “DEMONSTRATE” THAT NOT ALL TERRORISTS ARE MUSLIMS? There was absolutely NO evidence ever produced which would warrant an arrest, much less an indictment. And then Rubin was murdered, after 10 months of solitary confinement, rather than allowing him to stand trial in a public courtroom where the world could see the dearth of evidence against him. You don’t believe he was murdered? How many people do you know who could slit their own throats, and then walk across the room, force open a window, climb up to the window sill, and jump to their deaths?

Prominent “Jewish figures” are far to quick to condemn their own. After all, we wouldn’t want to make the goyim dislike us, or say bad things about us, would we?….”

I’ve heard this “Rubin was framed” story from quite a few people over the last year. To be honest, I haven’t sleuthed it out beyond reading the news reports but I have a hard time believing it’s true. Neverthless, if someone has a credible news source on the sbubject, I’d be interested in seeing it. In the meantime, Rubin was still a bad guy in my book.

Even Pravda Published An Article or Two in Favor of Markets…


But the Times. can’t tolerate dissension when it comes to chicks at Augusta.


Bracing For Cair Spam…


Web Briefing: October 14, 2014

Damn Those Pro Starvation Conservatives


Today’s G-File is in the bowels of NRO. As today is a NRDT production day, it may take the pixel-stained wretches a while to post it. In the meantime, the topic is about this whole Islam means peace business. I didn’t get to use this in the column but I thought some folks might find this discussion from my stint on last Sunday’s “Final Round” on CNN. I think Ms. Malveaux’s argumentation speaks for itself. You can find the full transcript


Padilla V. Bush, Round 1


The initial district court opinion in the Jose Padilla case is out and can be read here. In a nutshell, the military is authorized to detain enemy combatants, but Padilla is entitled to the assistance of counsel for habeas proceedings to challenge the government’s claim that it has sufficient evidence to declare him as such. Eugene Volokh has early commentary and analysis on various aspects of the opinion here. (Be sure to scroll up and down to catch it all.)

The Canadians Are Coming


Canadian world domination is nigh. Better dispatch the Rhode Island National Guard, that should hold ‘em off.

More Two Towers


I’ve been at the junket this morning, and am pleased to report that the abbreviated treatment of Saruman’s fate at movie’s end was not the final word on the wicked wizard. Peter Jackson, the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy director, made it clear that they jumbled a few events around from the book for the sake of film storytelling. Though he was dealt with for good in the second book of the trilogy, we almost certainly will see more of Saruman in the third movie. Same with Shelob, whose appearance concludes Book Two, but who doesn’t appear in Film Two (which makes narrative sense, actually — her debut at the end of Book Two was a publisher’s addition). Also, Jackson said a number of the slow but satisfying scenes he cut to keep the narrative running at a breakneck pace (which mars the movie, I think) will be present on the DVD director’s cut. So Ent fans like me will see more of our arboreal heroes then.

Get Real


The most interesting part of Joel Beinin’s presidential address to MESA may be his rejection of the claim that MESA can be fairly criticized for failing to study Islamic terrorism. Beinin argues that there was “great wisdom” in the refusal to study such terrorism. Why? Because a focus on “tactics and symptoms” impedes investigation into “historical and social causes.” This is misconceived. A proper study of terrorism would draw detailed connections between the organizational, ideological, and practical situation of terrorists, and larger historical or sociological causes. The critics of MESA have already drawn such connections–showing, for example, by analysis of the terrorists themselves, that attempts to explain terrorism through economic deprivation are unconvincing. By claiming that we can assess historical and social causes without also looking at the on-the-ground details of terrorism, what Professor Beinin is really doing is giving MESA a free hand to engage in the usual “Why do they hate us?” speculation. So Beinin’s claim that it was wise to ignore the detailed study of terrorism only compounds the shame of MESA’s ongoing refusal to face this pressing reality.

Mesa & McCarthyites


In his presidential address to the Middle East Studies Association, Joel Beinin characterizes the criticisms of MESA since 9/11 as “a McCarthyite-style smear campaign” launched by “neo-conservative propagandists.” He also dismisses the attacks as “intellectually vacuous.” No surprise there.

Legal Questions Answered


The consensus in response to my legal query seems to be that, despite Joel Beinin’s insistence that no portion of his MESA presidential address can be quoted or reproduced without his permission, the provisions of “fair use” still apply. So here is a link to Beinin’s presidential address. There is more here than I can comment on, but I’ll mention just a couple of things.

Interesting Death Penalty Email


Dear Jonah… I am a former “correctional officer”/hack/guard, etc in the federal prison system. Worked in an all male high security penitentiary, not the federal penitentiary in Terre Haute, IN with its death row. Anyway, worked around several “lifers”: Mafia types convicted of multiple murders, drug murders,child molesters/murders, etc. I support the death penalty for several reasons: (1)
contrary to many a Christian, these people in for life do NOT spend their days or nights pondering their crimes. No, everyone in prison is innocent or framed by “the man.” These epeople do not wake up in the middle of the night and suddenly realize what a horrible thing they did. These people are criminals who operate by a different set (or lack thereof) of moral standards or controls than the rest of us,
hence, they’re in prison; (2) all these do-gooder liberals who are against the death penalty really wouldn’t want any of these poeple living in their homes or neighborhoods being “rehabilitated”; (3) these same liberals would not want their spouses or children or themselves working in these prisons. Oh no, what “demeaning” work. Well, someone has to do it. Why not them? Or is prison work only for poor whites living in some rural backwater? I worked with
mostly white males, many of whom had at least a four-year degree and some even with masters (note: BOP has had a difficult time recruiting qualified blacks
because of the stigma of a black person working for the system who oppresses his brothers; (4) I am a college graduate and former Naval officer who used my
employment in the Bureau of Prisons to get my foot into the door of federal employment and when you have criminal justice degree, what else is there? (5)
unlike robbery, how can a murderer or rapist, for that matter, make amends? Theorectically, the bank robber can repay the money he stole, but the murderer? One cannot bring back the dead.

Fleeting Pixels Vs. Dead Tree


“NR Fleeting Pixels” — I like it! But this does raise the interesting question– which is more enduring? In the future, say 100 years from now, will historians be more likely to find copies of 20th century National Review in electronic form in one media or another or will they find them in leather-bound volumes. An interesting question, no? After all, eventually, Western Civilization will be available from Microsoft in 27 delicately arranged CD-Roms. So perchance these pixels are not so fleeting as some suspect.

Re: Life At Nr


Now Kathryn, you know perfectly well that NR and NR Fleeting Pixels use focus groups extensively. Crunchy Conservatism was designed to bring in some of our weak emographics–lesbians, sandal wearers, otherwordly Catholics offended by Rod’s own Lutheranism, and illiterate rustics–while Jonah brings us, dog lovers, dogs, cats (know thine enemy), and self-hating Canadians.

Don’t tell Ed that I revealed this.

A Proposal


If you have never seen Ed Capano and WFB in a room together, what the heck are you waiting for?! Go on the NR Cruise, dudes! Next mission: NR invades Europe!!!! (It’s a Danube cruise.)

Seriously Consider This Please


“Shut up, already, K-Lo!” You probably think I am about to make YET ANOTHER pitch for some “National Review” logoed something or another. Of course I am. I want to get my rations at the end of the month. But this is totally serious, there is no gun to my head, and the suits have not threatened to turn off the heat again. This is, in fact, totally unprovoked. Just now, Ed Capano, NR publisher (have you ever seen him and WFB in the same room together? just asking.) came around with the new kids’ book, The National Review
Treasury of Classic Children’s Literature
–freshly delivered to NR World Headquarters. What a classy looking, hardcover, treasure chest of good, classic, reliable–even fun!–stories kids will love. The authors are familiar and time-tested, you’ll love the illustrations–you’ll love the whole package. If you are looking for something to give a child this Christmas or Hanukkah–something he or she can use again and again and take away something new from every time–do order a copy today. You won’t be disappointed.

And They Call Us Clinton Haters?!


Has anyone in The Corner even mentioned Bill Clinton? Thank God for David Frum.

Snow Day?


IF THERE IS NO NRO TOMORROW……we got snowed in.

Dutch Ikea


Rumors are floating about an al Qaeda connection to recent bombings in the Netherlands, but the Dutch government is saying there is none. A Dutch blogger, Michiel Visser, is on the case.

Africa & Aids


Do we have any Corner readers with firsthand knowledge of of the African AIDS crisis and specifically thoughts on abstinence programs vs. other prevention efforts? If so, send your thoughts (what works, what doesn’t, who is catching on, etc.) to [email protected]. This exercise has a two-pronged goal–help me with my research and help me find our how many missionaries in Africa read NRO(N.B E-mails are NOT restricted to missionaries.)

(Please put “Africa” in the subject line.) Thanks.

Colin Powell, Honorary European



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