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Election ’02 Flash Stop That Bounce


Lautenberg is playing Bon Jovi’s “Runaway” at his victory shin-dig. Among other things, what are the odds Laut knows who Jon Bon Jovi is?

I’m Sorry...


I feel partially responsible for the decline in the Voter News Service’s prestige since NRO was one of the first to start reporting exit polls early. Now VNS is so frick’n cautious none of the news networks are willing to confirm that bears crap in the woods.


Election ’02 Flash Painful


VNS had better fix their computers for the next cycle– I AM GOING THROUGH MAJOR LEAGUE EXIT POLL WITHDRAWAL !!! I agree with Ed Kilgore, hell, at this point I’d settle for some skinny on a Lowell, Massachusetts selectman race…

Web Briefing: September 18, 2014

Election ’02 Flash N.C. Is Being Called For Dole, Afterall


CNN calls NC for Dole


Election ’02 Flash Thus Far...


It’s 8:51 PM and every important race called so far has gone the GOP’s way. Not that any of you need me to tell you that.

Election ’02 Flash Phew


Not a surprise, but good to know, all the same. Everybody’s projecting a Jeb win.

Election ’02 Flash More From Texas


Bexar County early voting — first third
U.S. Senate – Kirk 51%, Cornyn 47%
Governor – Sanchez 50%, Perry 48%

Travis County early voting
U.S. Senate – Kirk 55%, Cornyn 42%
Governor – Sanchez 48%, Perry 47% (BAD OMEN FOR SANCHEZ)

Election ’02 Flash Good Spin From N.C.


Positive spin from a Dole aide: “It’s looking good. We’re up in Wake County, which Helms never won, with about 90% reporting. We also got a good jump in early voting and absentees.”

Election ’02 Flash House Update


Bad early news for House Dems–Northrup wins in Kentucky and Chocola running strong in Indiana. To take House, Dems would probably have needed to knock off Northrup and hold the Roemer seat that Chocola appears to be winning.

Thank You, Thank You, But...


Enough with the jokes, already. Unless anyone has an Arab joke in which
nothing explodes.

Election ’02 Flash Cbs “Estimating” Lautenberg Wins


Election ’02 Flash Early Dallas County Returns



CD 5 – Hensarling 63%, Chapman 36%

Governor – Perry 57%, Sanchez 42%

Republicans leading in all down-ballot contests

Early Closing, Confident Wins


More Al Qaeda Arrested?


Election ’02 Flash a Very Good Reason to Watch Cnn....


…the Great Kate (O’Beirne) will be doing a tour of duty tonight (10-2, I think).

Election ’02 Flash Dems Optimistic About Bowles


I am told that North Carolina Democrats have access to exit poll information that at some point late this afternoon put Elizabeth Dole just one point above Erskine Bowles in the U.S. Senate race. They are greeting the information with cautious optimism.

Election ’02 Flash a Reason to Stay Up!


Katrina vanden Heuvel live this morning on CBS News’s Up To The
Minute from 2:00-4:00am.

Election ’02 Flash Krispy Kreme “Doughnut Poll”


Sent by a friend earlier today:
Krispy Kreme “plans to conduct exit polls today” at two different TN precincts. At each of the locations, “boxes full of glazed doughnuts will be set up bearing the names of the major candidates for governor and U.S. Senate.” Voters are “asked to take a doughnut from the boxes of the candidates they prefer.” The polling “will take place from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m.–provided they don’t run out of ‘ballots’ sooner” (Fontenay, Memphis Commercial Appeal, 11/5).

Election ’02 Flash Another Late County


With early voting wrapping up the Friday before the election, counties strive to have their early ballots ready for counting on the morning of the election so that those results can be released within the first half hour after the polls close. But in Bexar County (San Antonio), only one-fourth of the 127,000 early ballots in Bexar County (San Antonio) had been verified as ready to be counted as of 2 p.m.

Bexar County had been the subject of a federal lawsuit over its requirement that straight-party voters mark both pages of a two-page ballot in order to cast a straight-party vote. The ballot was corrected for today, and the Justice Department has retroactively precleared the two-page ballot, but it’s still taking them quite a bit of time to verify those early ballots.

Bexar County and Tarrant County are the third and fourth largest counties in terms of voter registration and are nearly identical in terms of early voting turnout. Taken together, you’re now looking at 16% of the ballots in Texas that will be reporting very, very late. And because Bexar is more of a swing county than Tarrant and with a majority Hispanic population, the odds of a late call in the Texas Senate race have increased dramatically.

Election ’02 Flash Life, Death & Voting


In one Texas polling place, voters wear protesctive garb to protect themselves from falling asbestos.


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