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Gail Collins on “Richies” Seeking Votes


What an unbelievable hypocrite. The ineffable Gail Collins, occupier not of Middle East real estate but instead a regular slot on the NY Times op-ed page, complains today about Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina, and Michael Bloomberg — respectively, a Republican, a Republican, and a RINO — attempting to buy public office. Did she ever make this argument about any of the Kennedys or their children or cousins? Or about Jon Corzine? Or John Edwards? She goes on to slam corporations — that is, individuals freely associating with one another — for exercising their free-speech rights, abetted by that evil Supreme Court. 

In CollinsLand, neither rich Republicans nor corporations actually have the right to use their resources to influence voters. Only Democrats and unions have that right.

Can Collins really be this unaware of her biases? Or is this the result of living in an echo chamber?

Benjamin Zycher is a senior fellow at the Pacific Research Institute.


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