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Discharging Ahead


Republican leaders John Boehner and Eric Cantor are going to be signing disharge petitions on measures by Steve King and Wally Herger that would repeal parts or all of the Democrats’ health-care bill. The petitions are procedural maneuvers that would force votes that have no chance of passing in the Congress, but remain important for two reasons. First, now that the passed law has proven to be no more popular than the proposed legislation, the petitions will put Democratic members on the record once again in favor of what is and will likely continue to be an unpopular law. In addition, a number of Republican members have noted to me that Democrats are tired of talking about health care and desperate to drive the topic out of the conversation.  Unfortunately for them, these petitions will keep the health bill on the table, and force Democrats to defend it, even as the American people learn in greater detail why they don’t like what’s in it.


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