Taking a Page from Rahm’s Playbook, Pete Sends Docs to Congress

by Heather R. Higgins

In 2006, then–DCCC chairman Rahm Emanuel recruited war veterans to run for Congress, which put President Bush on defense for his Iraq strategy and made Nancy Pelosi speaker. Some won in 2006 but lost Tuesday, including a trio of Pennsylvanians — Joe Sestek, Patrick Murphy and Chris Carney — and Ohio’s John Boccieri.

This cycle, NRCC chairman Pete Sessions did one better. He took the hottest issue of the last two years — Obamacare — and recruited GOP medical doctors to challenge incumbent Democrats in more than a dozen races.

As Joseph Rago noted in yesterday’s WSJ Political Diary, medical docs will make up between 15 and 20 percent of House GOP freshmen. Among them is Nevada’s Joe Heck, an emergency physician (and a twofer, since he’s also an Iraq veteran). He will join nearly a dozen new GOP doctors in the 112th Congress.

These doctors will lend first-hand expertise to the battle against Obamacare. So far, almost 100,000 citizens have signed our Independent Women’s Voice pledge to de-fund, de-authorize and dismantle Obamacare, including 44 members of the next Congress.  

Only one Democratic doctor is returning to Washington: Jim McDermott, the Washington state psychiatrist. His expertise should come in handy in dealing with Democratic PESD: Post-Election Stress Disorder.   

— Heather Higgins is president and CEO of Independent Women’s Voice.

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