Pictures from Obamacare Hearings, Day Two

by Grace-Marie Turner

“Tea Party Patriots” try to speak as pro-Obamacare forces chant loudly that they love the law.

A woman in wheel chair opposes Obamacare because she fears her care will be rationed.

Tea Party Patriots chant “We Love Liberty.” Marchers chant “We Love ObamaCare.”

“Hey-Hey, Ho-Ho! ObamaCare has got to go!”

Obamacare is not working.

“Tell me what the Constitution looks like?” “THIS is what the Constitution looks like!”

As SCOTUS arguments end, cameras prepare for news conference with pro-Obama supporters.

An anti-Obamacare patriot!

The arguments are over and lawyers are leaving.

“Strike it down!” the crowd cheers.

This person marching with the Left seems not to have gotten the memo.

Bad community-organizing decision: The other side sent their marchers to lunch!

Tea Party supporters are having a big rally just down the street from SCOTUS.

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