Obamacare Supreme Court Decision Live Blog

by Avik Roy

On Thursday, June 28, at 10 a.m. ET, the Supreme Court will issue its decisions in the several related issues in the Obamacare legal challenge, Florida v. HHS. Starting at 9:30, we will be here to digest the opinions, provide our own commentary, and answer questions from readers.

As a reminder, the Court in March heard oral argument on four separate questions, over three days, related to the Affordable Care Act: (1) is the individual mandate a penalty, or a tax, for purposes of the Anti-Injunction Act; (2) is the individual mandate constitutional; (3) is the mandate severable from the rest of the law; and (4) is the law’s Medicaid expansion excessively coercive upon the states. (The hyperlinks in this paragraph link to the transcripts of our previous live blogs.)

We’ll be joined by Ilya Shapiro, a constitutional scholar at the Cato Institute, who will be reporting live from the Supreme Court. In addition, we’ll have expert health policy commentary from Ben Domenech of the Heartland Institute and Nicole Fisher of the University of North Carolina. Please join us, and bring your comments and questions!

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