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I commented yesterday that White House attempts to demonize opponents such as Fox News and the Chamber of Commerce are likely to continue as long as White House strategists feel that the marginalization efforts are working.

Another member of the whatever-works brigade is Florida congressman Alan Grayson, who, completely unchastened by his inappropriate comparison of people lacking health insurance with the holocaust, has now found a new way to offend.

Yesterday he went down to the House floor with a poster advertising his names-of-the-dead website, where people can share the stories of loved ones who died because they lacked health insurance. While there, of course, the bereaved can conveniently link to Grayson’s website (no, I will not provide the link) where they can donate money to encourage this man’s continual boorishness. This is not only in extremely bad taste, but the Hill cites an NRCC spokesperson’s claim that it also appears to violate “a number of House ethics rules and campaign laws, including prohibitions against floor speeches intended to direct people to campaign websites.”

Still, Grayson is unlikely to heed niceties such as rules or good taste in his quest for notoriety and campaign cash. According to Politico, Grayson netted $114,108 the day after his now-infamous speech accusing Republicans of wanting uninsured people to “die quickly.” I’m sure he is greedily watching to see how much cash this latest stunt brings in.


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