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Boycott Will Ferrell? Or Watch This Instead


I really enjoy Will Ferrell’s movies, and I never knew he was a activist. So, I was really depressed to see this self-styled “Public Service Announcement” advocating the federal government take-over of people’s access to medical services. It’s a lame attempt to satirize health-insurance executives as the “real victims” of the government take-over, produced for and featuring Mr. Ferrell and a bunch of other actors whom I guess I’m supposed to recognize but don’t.

But what could I do? Boycott Will Ferrell’s movies? Fortunately, revenge is a dish best served with humor, so my depression lifted when I saw this bowdlerization by a group of advocates for individual choice in health care. It appeals to Obama and Congress to pay more attention to “overpaid celebrities” in the health-reform debate, instead of economists, physicians, and the Congressional Budget Office.

It’s at least twice as good as the original version.

John R. Graham is director of Health Care Studies at the Pacific Research Institute.


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