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For Whom the Bell Tolls


Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee. Respect for human life should be an absolute. There are people in Britain rejoicing in the death of Lady Thatcher. Most are marginal, too young to have lived through the Thatcher years and are merely repeating the clichés of their elders. Still, they are dancing in the street, singing and celebrating. The BBC makes sure to give them a better hearing than the stuffy old bores paying their respects to a valued prime minister. And a few of these marginal figures have been in political life as Communists, Marxists, Trotskyites and the rest of it. These are would-be commissars and gauleiters who would have signed death warrants without batting an eye-lid. Disrespect for human life raises the level of hatred to such a pitch. Not that much keeps us safe from those who rejoice in death. At the present time, the perpetrators of the Boston bombings are unknown. Those explosions are also death warrants, and whoever issued them have the mentality of the commissar and the gauleiter. Should those who did the bombing ever be caught, they will be found to have no comprehension at all of my opening sentence.


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