Why We Need NSA Tapping in Europe

by David Pryce-Jones

According to Edward Snowden, whose career is now progressing in airport-transit lounges, his late employer the U.S. National Security Agency was busy spying on the Europeans. In particular the NSA is said to tap half a billion phone calls and e-mails in Germany every month. Set up to be a rival to the United States, the European Union has never hidden its structural anti-Americanism. An inexplicable feature of the last fifty years is the support successive American administrations have given to the EU, in plain words encouraging those who intend to hurt them. In actual fact, the geniuses who run Europe have reduced the continent to a crisis of impotence and penury.

Unwittingly, Mr. Snowden’s revelations have released the adrenalin of today’s geniuses. Here, they believe, is an issue that serves to substantiate their fantasy of American wrongdoing and on which they can make capital. Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Mr. Van Rompuy and Mr. Barroso, respectively president of the European Council and president of the European Commission, call for the U.S. to explain itself, or else. A former Belgian prime minister orders the spying to stop at once. The unfortunately named Mr. Asselborn occupies the Napoleonic office of foreign minister in Luxembourg, and “disgusting” is his word for the NSA.

Not so long ago, Mohamed Atta was living in Germany. Counter-terrorist units had identified him but they then did nothing about it. The three thousand people whose murder in the States Atta organized and perpetrated might have been saved by a few billion tapped calls. The Germans go to such extraordinary lengths to appease their four or five million Muslims that they are in the process of Islamizing the country. They can’t be relied on to identify a future Atta. For NSA to be trying to do so is not only a wise precaution but a duty.



David Calling

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