Grievous Cultural Harm

by David Pryce-Jones

Here’s a glimpse into modern times. Andrew Woodhouse lives in Wales and runs a garage business with tires. His premises have been burgled previously. And about a year ago here come two more burglars to steal diesel from his yard.  Mr. Woodhouse is 44 and in the videos he looks fit. At any rate he tackles the burglars, and overpowers them until the police come. In the kerfuffle, he has happened to break both legs of Kevin Green, one of the burglars. Green is taken to hospital where of course he is treated free. Yes, you guessed right — Mr. Woodhouse is arrested on a charge of Grievous Bodily Harm. The months waiting for the case to be heard, Mr Woodhouse says, have been hell. All he was doing was defending his property. Meanwhile the burglar Green claims that he is the victim and asks for compensation. The case has just come before the Crown Court in Cardiff, where the jury threw it out in a matter of minutes. You could hear the sigh of relief all over Wales. But how, and why, have we institutionalized  the astonishing moral confusion this incident exposes?


David Calling

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