Dancing on the Volcano

by David Pryce-Jones

Russian forces are mobilized on the borders of Ukraine. Troops from the Russian Interior Ministry have taken control of the Crimean parliament building in Simferopol, and Russian gunmen have raised the Russian flag over other government buildings in Crimea. In Moscow, the fugitive Viktor Yanukovych is asserting that he has not been deposed. Vladimir Putin has in place all the instruments for a military campaign.

Meanwhile in London, the German Chanceller Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron greet one another with kisses on the steps of Downing Street. She apparently considers him her “naughty nephew.”  They are distracted in a little to-and-fro of their own devising about what the European Union may or may not do.  What they have in place are all the instruments of tragic-comedy.

Who would have imagined that at such a moment of European crisis the German Chancellor and the British Prime Minister count for nothing? Is there a better illustration of the time-honored phrase, Dancing on the Volcano?


David Calling

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