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The Colonization of Britain


The European Investigation Order, a term with the genuine ring of totalitarianism, is the latest project to be adopted by the Eurocrats in charge of the Brussels Empire. In essence, it is a measure to place the entire continent of Europe under a system of policing superior to every country’s police force. Prosecutors from any and every country will be granted extraordinary powers, enabling them to bug communications wherever they please, have access to bank accounts and to DNA records, even in matters that are not a crime in the country concerned. The national police forces will be powerless to do anything about these demands; they will merely have to comply.

What this means is that Britain and the other countries agree to be policed by outsiders. These outsiders are not answerable to representative processes, and they cannot be brought to account or fired. Put simply, anyone who allows such a thing to happen is consenting to be colonized.

A number of previously consolidated nation-states are accepting that in fact they are turning into failed states — moreover, in peace-time. Such a voluntary abdication of independence has never before occurred anywhere in the world.

The Conservatives are now the major party in the coalition governing Britain. In the run-up to the recent general election, David Cameron promised to hold a referendum that would determine Britain’s relationship to the Brussels Empire. He then reneged, on the flimsy grounds that the moment for questioning that relationship had passed. During the electoral campaign, he promised to regain powers already ceded to the Brussels Empire. That was the reason why many people voted Conservative. If now the Conservatives renege on that promise as well, and pass to the Brussels Empire extra powers such as the European Investigation Order, they will be seen to be as shifty and untruthful as the other political parties.

The bulk of the party is actually nationalist in spirit, and a betrayal as flagrant as this will cause a major row, probably leading to a real divide and even the collapse of the coalition. Cameron is making the huge mistake of putting the interests of his coalition government above those of the nation.


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