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Reagan Honored in London


The centenary of President Ronald Reagan has just been marked in London by the inauguration of a statue of him in Grosvenor Square under the shadow of the American embassy. The larger-than-life bronze statue is a likeness of the man, with a smile and a stance that catch his spirit too. The American ambassador, Louis B. Susman, gave a breakfast for VIPs including Condoleezza Rice, former governor of California Pete Wilson, and a number of congressmen and a senator. But he earned poor headlines in the press by failing to attend a grand dinner in the Guildhall, where other guests were former Prime Minister John Major and four Cabinet ministers (Mrs. Thatcher declined for health reasons). One of these ministers, William Hague, earned good headlines with a speech containing an anecdote about the recent royal wedding. He had told an Arab ambassador, he said, “Look, a million people are heading for the palace — and we’re totally relaxed.”


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