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Euro Drivel


The European Union cares ever so greatly about the well-being of us all, and has passed laws about the obligatory strapping of children into car seats. A kind reader writes in to explain the relevant EU Directive 2003/20/EC, all in its own idiom.

Article 1.3 states : “Child restraints shall be classified in five ‘mass groups’: (a) group O for children of a mass of less than 10kg; (b) group )O+ for children of a mass of less than 13kg; (c) group I for children of a mass of from 9kg to 18kg; (d) group II for children of a mass from 15kg to 25 kg; (e) group III for children of a mass from 22 kg to 36kg.”

Article 2.1. (a) (i) classifies vehicle types as ‘M1, N1, N2, and N3’ and defines the safety system fitted for children less than 150cm in height occupying M1, N1, N2 and N3 vehicles and further clarification is given at (ii) and (iii)  (b,c and d).

It’s hilarious to think of the thousands of bureaucratic man-hours that must have gone into drafting this drivel – hilarious until you realise that this is how the continent expresses its death-wish. 


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