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Guardian of the Hard Left


The Guardian is a very special newspaper, the voice of the Left and therefore the voice of self-righteousness. It has just pulled off a characteristic trick. One of its reporters joined the British National Party, pretending to share its beliefs but actually to expose it. Not that there is much to expose. The BNP consists mostly of working-class people who are natural Labour Party supporters but fed up with Labour’s betrayal of the national interest, mainly through support for the European Union and the collapse of immigration policy. Thanks to a xenophobic and nasty component, the BNP will never become more than a fringe group, but of course people like the Guardianistas love to set them up as the fascist enemy.

After seven months of intrepid activity, the undercover journalist was able to reveal that Simone Clarke was a member of the party. Scoop! The lady is a premier ballerina with the English National Ballet company. Her view is that “immigration has really got out of hand,” adding that lots of people think like her. So a body called Unite Against Fascism disrupt her dancing in Nutcracker and demonstrate outside her house, having clearly studied fascism and learnt its tactics. Someone with the glorious title of “equalities director for the mayor of London” has called for her to be sacked.

A good many members of the British government are former Communists. Ken Livingstone, the mayor of London, persistently attacks Jews in spite of his equalities director, and is planning a festival in honour of his hero Castro. George Galloway, a member of parliament, praises Saddam Hussein.  Thanks to freedom of speech, all such hard Leftists are able to have their misdemeanours and outrages addressed solely at the level of argument and debate.

Not long ago, the Guardian carried an article by one Richard Gott, shrilly accusing President Bush of running a real evil empire. The Guardian did not see fit to explain that in Soviet days Gott had taken money from the KGB, in effect a Communist stooge. Why is it all right to persecute Simone Clarke for her views but to give Gott the privilege of a platform without explaining who he is and what he stands for ?  Why the double standards ?  Guardian, thy name is hypocrisy.


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