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EU Wonderland


Remember the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, that Lewis Carroll gem of absurdity in which assorted odd-balls and talking animals defy logic and sanity?  The European Union offers a regular reprise of that Tea Party, taking what Carroll himself would have caricatured as at least one absurd decision every day. Except that its latest decision is not just absurd, but death-dealing. Hideous civil war is erupting in Gaza and the West Bank as Hamas and Fatah gunmen shoot out which of them is to have power and the spoils that go with it. To date, Norway alone of European powers had given financial support to Hamas – the Norwegian government and many Norwegians have long been willing to do whatever is in their power to disregard all morality in the Middle East. Why this should be the case with Norway escapes rational analysis. But at the very moment when the corpses of unfortunate Palestinians are mounting in number, with one atrocity leading to another, and civil war looking imminent, the EU has decided to give financial support to Hamas. Needless to point out, the people of Europe have no say in the matter, but have been committed to take sides in the civil war whether they like it or not, and so fund certain bloodshed. More than that, they are now committed to the side of Islamist extremism and the Muslim Brotherhood, the side of suicide bombers and perpetual jihad. Why they should be obliged to become accomplices of a group of Islamist terrorists also escapes rational analysis. On reflection, comparison to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party may prove too cosy and domestic a touch. Better is the image of the EU as the Ship of Fools, sailing to certain disaster.    


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