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The Obama Prize


The award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Barack Obama is an outstanding example of European anti-Americanism. The Norwegian prize givers are evidently full of glee because in their view Obama is diminishing the standing of the United States all over the world, surrendering power on multiple fronts, abandoning missile shields in Central Europe, hesitating to reinforce the mission in Afghanistan, buckling to Iran, and much more of that kind in prospect. The motive for encouraging all possible American retreats is almost wholly malicious, spiteful. Europeans are all too well aware that their own continent is going fast down a slippery slope towards a total loss of power, with immense social and political trials in store. It becomes unbearable for them to observe the strength and vitality of the United States, that upstart who made its way by rejecting Europe in the first place. Few will say so, but most will be gloating that this award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama may look like rewarding a president but actually is a rebuke, even an insult, to the American nation. Obama would be wise to refuse the prize.


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