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David Limbaugh, contra VAT


Over at Ricochet, David Limbaugh has a wise response to my post yesterday on Grover Norquist, VATs, Mitch Daniels, etc.

While I am a supply sider I agree that we should not allow our exuberance for pro-growth tax policies to intoxicate us into believing that spending doesn’t matter. While some starry-eyed supply-siders might have been irresponsibly negligent in their inattention to the spending side of the equation, it’s not fair or accurate to place all supply-siders in that quasi-utopian category. It’s a false choice. That is, there is nothing inconsistent between supply-side advocacy and relative spending austerity. That’s the best of both worlds. But an insidious VAT tax might be the worst of all worlds.

Praise to David Limbaugh for striking the right balance on the supply-side question: growth matters, spending matters. For the record, I do not think all supply-siders are crazy utopians: not Laffer, not Reagan, not Kemp. That is why I use the term “naïve supply siders” to distinguish those dealing in unreality.

I myself am more of a flat-income-tax guy than a VAT guy, though Andrew Stuttaford argues that we’d have to make the flat rate so high to make the numbers work out, even with some pretty ambitious spending cuts, that it would not fly. (He also thinks that consumption should carry some of the load.) I’m going to do the arithmetic on it here in a bit and see what it adds up to. I doubt very much that anything will cause me to conclude that the current system is defensible, wise, just, or the best way to fund the level of government spending that Americans seem (inexplicably!) to want.

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