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What 2 Percent in Cuts Looks Like


“An outrage!”

So says the guy who was once elected as a Republican about the very reasonable budget proposed by the Democrat. Strange times.

“Proportionally, the cuts that are inflicted on New York City are an outrage,” [NYC mayor Michael] Bloomberg said a day after Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced a tentative $132.5 billion state budget deal that is expected to restore more than $136 million of threatened education money to the metropolis.

Governor Cuomo has turned out to be a pleasant surprise so far. (Don’t worry — I’m sure he’ll get worse!) The budget is getting balanced with no new taxes or borrowing. Not too shabby, especially for New York. Other governors should be tipping their hats — he isn’t doing this in Montana.

Perhaps Cuomo has noticed that Texas is now home to more Fortune 500 headquarters than New York is, and has decided that it would be a lot easier to balance future budgets with a healthier tax base, one with higher levels of employment and better wages. Perhaps the mayor should take a subway ride up to the Bronx, where the nominal unemployment rate is 12.5 percent (and the real unemployment rate God alone knows how much higher) and ask himself if weighing the city and state down with more taxes and more debt is really the best way to turn things around.

Either way: Can we call this the official end of Bloomberg for President? The great manager is looking overwhelmed.

But three cheers for Andrew Cuomo. For now.

—  Kevin D. Williamson is a deputy managing editor of National Review and author of The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism, just published by Regnery. You can buy an autographed copy through National Review Online here.

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