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Tom Cruise Fans Ignore Boston to Watch Oblivion

Via Variety:

Universal’s “Oblivion” didn’t exactly roar into theaters Friday, nor did it crater.

The Tom Cruise-starrer was on track for an estimated $13 million for the day and a healthy $35.5 million weekend, according to early estimates.

After earning $1.1 million Thursday night, B.O. observers feared the original sci-fier would take a hit from the drama unfolding in Boston, which accounts for roughly 2% of the nation’s market.

But on Friday evening, as the marathon bombing suspect was surrounded and eventually caught in Watertown, Mass., the early numbers began rolling in and execs at U sighed in relief: Auds nationwide were indeed on board for the $125 million film. . .

And life goes on. - Greg Pollowitz

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