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Dear Mayor Bloomberg: Why Are You Letting Gun Criminals Go Free?

Via New York Post:

It’s not hard to reduce the crippling backlog in the Bronx court system — just dole out generous plea deals or outright dismiss charges against violent-crime defendants.

Prosecutors have offered deals that allow some suspects accused of even attempted murder to plead guilty to misdemeanor assault or weapons possession, according to court documents obtained by The Post.

Some defendants even had attempted-murder raps dropped, including one man accused in a shootout that wounded eight people, three of them kids.

The Post analyzed the 254 cases handled by Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Patricia DiMango since January. She’s the most high-profile of the “SWAT team” of 10 state judges temporarily assigned to Bronx Supreme Court at the beginning of the year to cut down on the felony backlog.

Prosecutors have moved to dismiss 26 cases in DiMango’s court, including three attempted-murder raps last month alone.

“[Bronx DA Robert] Johnson felt pressure that something had to be done to reduce this backlog, so he started making offers that led to these plea deals,” a court source said. “To get a misdemeanor offer when you were charged with attempted murder is unheard of.”. . .

NO gun-control measures will work if you let the people with a history of using guns in crimes go free. - Greg Pollowitz

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