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Career Criminal Arrested in NYC Over Murder of Gay Man

Via New York Post:

The homophobic ex-con accused of “executing’’ a gay man in Greenwich Village laughed and boasted about the murder, prosecutors said yesterday.

“Yeah, I shot him in the head,” Elliot Morales, 33, sneered while “laughing on the ground” as cops were handcuffing him for fatally shooting Mark Carson, 32, early Saturday morning, according to prosecutors.

[. . .]

He has six prior arrests, including one for attempted murder in 1998 and others for criminal possession of a weapon. He has served more than nine years in both city and state prisons.

Someone has some questions to answer as to why this animal wasn't in prison. We're deluding ourselves as a society if we don't recognize that some people just need to be put away forever. - Greg Pollowitz

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