Get Your Geek On: Why PlayStation 4 is Better Than XBox One

by Greg Pollowitz

Sony’s PS4 just wiped the floor with the Xbox One

[. . .] The fact that Sony so proudly and openly crowed about how much less restrictive the PlayStation 4 is compared to the Xbox One also shows that Microsoft was probably not under withering pressure from gaming publishers to add tough DRM policies on its new console. Instead it seems that Microsoft has mostly fallen victim to its own arrogance: The company figured that since it had become the dominant player in the console wars that it could implement more restrictive policies than any other console and that no one would care. You could see this sort of arrogance on display when former Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth told gamers to “deal with it” when they raised objections to requiring Internet connectivity to play games and it seems the company hasn’t learned anything since then. . .