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Night of Violence in Egypt; HQ of Muslim Brotherhood ‘Ransacked’

Via Reuters:

The headquarters of Egypt’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood was overrun by youths who ransacked the building after those inside were evacuated on Monday following a night of violence that killed at least seven people.

By far the bloodiest incident of Sunday’s mammoth and mostly peaceful protests against the Brotherhood and President Mohamed Mursi, it began after dark and continued for hours, with guards inside firing on youths hurling fire bombs and rocks.

A spokesman for the Brotherhood blamed the violence on “thugs” and said it would be demanding answers from police who failed to protect it. He said two of those inside were injured – by fires – before a security detail from the movement was able to evacuate all those inside the compound in mid-morning. . .

This might be a good time to ask President Obama about those F16s we sold to Egypt. How soon until we see them used on the demonstrators? - Greg Pollowitz

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