Rodeo Clown Fallout: Sensitivity Training Ordered for Missouri State Fair Performers

by Greg Pollowitz

Expect a kinder, gentler Missouri State Fair from here on out.

This week, the Missouri State Fair Commission ordered that officials and contractors hired by the state’s rodeo association — which would include cowboys and clowns — complete sensitivity training before they are allowed to perform at the state fair again.

What could prompt such a thing? The jeers of a clown.

In a provocative bit of satire that went viral, a rodeo clown in Sedalia put a broomstick up his pants, donned a Barack Obama mask and asked the crowd whether it wanted to see a bull run over the president.

The undoubtedly conservative-leaning crowd, one observer noted later, “went wild” — and you could say the same for high-ranking state officials, who, in a notable moment of bipartisanship in the Show-Me State, denounced the clown . . .