So Sorry: Russell Simmons Realizes Harriet Tubman Getting Raped Isn’t Funny

by Greg Pollowitz

Though he has put in many years of hard work on behalf of African-Americans, it appears that business mogul Russell Simmons crossed the line when he posted a video on his new YouTube channel that mocks African-American icon Harriet Tubman by showing her having sex with her master to blackmail him.

After tweeting that it was “the funniest thing I’ve ever seen,” Simmons was on the receiving end of an epic wave of condemnation across social media.

“I don’t find anything, at all, amusing about the rape of black women or the debasement of a respected American icon,” writer Demetria Lucas wrote on “And given the collective outrage when Lil Wayne rapped of his desire to ‘beat that pu**y up like Emmett Till, how did no one veto this idea? Rape isn’t a joke. Slavery isn’t a joke. Harriet Tubman and her sacrifices for black people are not a joke. And to selfishly mock the subjugation of black people, the rape of black women and a revered American heroine in exchange for Internet clicks and ad dollars is abhorrent. And unconscionable. And sick. And just plain trifling.”. . .