Man Goes Full-Taliban on His Roommate; Says Things ‘Got a Little Carried Away’

by Greg Pollowitz

Gerard Longo once described Scott Tobiassen as a violent man who brags about his fighting ability and just how “bad” he is.

Longo said Tobiassen owns knives, axes, machetes and switch blades. He sharpens his knives as a hobby, and shows other just how sharp the weapons are by using them to shave his own legs. That information was in court documents, in which Longo asked a judge in 2011 to grant him a restraining order against Tobiassen.

The order was dismissed, and Tobiassen, a crane operator, and Longo, a handyman, became roommates.

Today, Tobiassen, 49, is in the Palm Beach County Jail, accused of killing Longo, 48, and then removing his head and limbs from his torso. . .