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The Long, National Nightmare of Stevie Wonder’s Boycott of Florida is Over

Via Gossip Extra:

Motown superstar Stevie Wonder is finding out how truly hard it is to boycott Florida!

The singer of Ebony & Ivory and Superstition swore up and down he would no longer perform in Florida until Stand Your Ground is repealed.

He made the pledge in July, in the wake of the not guilty verdict for George Zimmerman in theTrayvon Martin killing.

Good thing Little Stevie didn’t swear off just being in Florida: We hear he spent the weekend in South Beach before flying off to LAX yesterday afternoon!

And paparazzi were on hand when he got off the American Airlines plane in Los Angeles (above and below). . .

What a joke. It's like, "I won't perform in Florida because of the racist Zimmerman verdict, but hey, let me vacation there." - Greg Pollowitz

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