Syrian State Media: Obama, U.S. in Full Retreat

by Greg Pollowitz

A Syrian state-run newspaper Sunday called President Barack Obama’s decision to seek congressional approval before taking military action against Syria “the start of the historic American retreat.”

The front-page article in the Al-Thawra daily followed Obama’s announcement Saturday that he would ask Congress to support a military strike punishing Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government for allegedly unleashing chemical weapons on rebel-held suburbs of Damascus last month.

Before the announcement, the White House had appeared to many to be on the verge of ordering a military attack against Syria.

“Whether the Congress gives the red or green light for an aggression, and whether the prospects of war have been enhanced or faded, President Obama has announced yesterday, by prevaricating or hinting, the start of the historic American retreat,” Al-Thawra said.

The paper, which often reflects the government’s position, also claimed that Obama’s reluctance to take military action stemmed from his “sense of implicit defeat and the disappearance of his allies.” It said the American leader’s worry about limited intervention turning into “an open war has pushed him to seek Congress’ consent.”. . .