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No Evidence of a Boycott of Colorado by Hunters

Via Denver Post:

The people have spoken. And, in the end, the call of Colorado elk and deer was louder.

Concerns over a threatened boycott of Colorado hunting spurred in reaction to new gun laws enacted last spring have been put to rest, now that the state’s primary big game hunting seasons have closed. The much-talked-about boycott was a bust.

“Through the main big game seasons, we were up about 5,000 licenses over last year at this time,” said Randy Hampton, spokesman for Colorado Parks and Wildlife. “Just for deer and elk, we were up by about 6,000. Bear licenses sold were up about 1,400. We sold about 2,800 fewer pronghorn licenses, which brought the overall big game numbers down, but that was primarily because we reduced the quota.”

Final numbers won’t be available until next year, but the initial figures are a positive sign for Colorado’s $1.8 billion hunting and fishing industry. The significance is magnified within CPW, the agency charged with managing the state’s wildlife resources. It draws a significant portion of its operating budget from nonresident big game licenses. . . 

Of note, the hunting industry is valued at $1.8 billion in Colorado. This is good news for Colorado businesses that were not affected by its politicians. -

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