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My Favorite Moment from the Golden Globes: The Sewage Spill


Hours before Hollywood’s most famous faces took to the red carpet of the Golden Globes, a sewage leak left organizers scrambling to clean up the entrance to the Beverly Hilton Hotel, according to reports.

Several photos of the disgusting spill were posted to Twitter by the likes of Ryan Seacrest and Cosmopolitan magazine.

“Huge water leak on #goldenglobes red carpet…Bev Hills fire trying to clean up,” Seacrest tweeted at about 5 p.m. . .


Note the fire department was called in to clean up the mess. That's a little under their pay-grade, wouldn't you say? But it is Hollywood and should be a cautionary tale to the 99% everywhere. Eventually you'll be cleaning up the sewage of the liberal-elite you champion. - Greg Pollowitz

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