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De Blasio Closes 3 NYC Charter Schools

Via New York Post:

Mayor de Blasio brought down the hammer Thursday on three charter schools operated by his nemesis Eva Moskowitz, leaving hundreds of kids without classrooms this fall.

“This has to be the saddest day for the Success Academy’s children, family, teachers, school leaders,” Moskowitz said after meeting with stunned charter parents in Harlem.

“Right now, our kids are being evicted. Evicted out of their school. It’s wrong and we need an explanation. You’re going to have to ask Mayor de Blasio what the motivations are for a decision that will hurt so many children now and, frankly, forever.”. . .

Lou Holtz once told a recruit who picked FSU over Notre Dame, "Son, you didn't make a four-year mistake. You made a 40-year mistake." Closing down these schools is a 40-year mistake for the kids. -

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