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Valerie Jarrett Promotes Obamacare on the ‘Single Most Annoying Show on the Internet’

Via Naked DC:

[. . .] Anyway, I know you’ve missed us, but in our absence, it seems that the Obama Administration has ramped  up their health care salesmanship by forcing a host of surrogates to humiliate themselves in “pop culture” arenas in order to convince people under 35 to sign their supple, youthful flesh up on the exchanges before March 31st (which actually isn’t the real deadline) in order to help pay for their parents and grandparents to get free care.  The latest victim of the White House’s communications scheme is Valerie Jarrett, who submitted herself to the whiny whims of’s “Top That” webcast, which is the single most annoying show on the Internet, hosted by two people who, were it not for utility for entertainment gossip, would be agitating for a doubled minimum wage for their fast food job. . . 

While Venezuela and Ukraine burn, top Obama officials are doing this? Video at the link above, screenshot here: 

- Greg Pollowitz

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