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Washingtonian MOM Profiles Jay Carney’s Family -- And You Won’t Believe How Much Food They Eat!

Via Washingtonian MOM:

. . .The cover of the spring issue of Washingtonian MOM features journalist and author Claire Shipman, whose new book, The Confidence Code, cowritten with Katty Kay, goes on sale later this month. The Washingtonian MOM cover story takes a peek at the life of Shipman, her husband, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, and their two children. Shot on location at the family’s DC home, the story explores Shipman’s active role as a journalist, wife, and modern working mom. . . .

Look at all that food! Do check out all the photos. Notice anything funny about the one with the books in the background? (Hint: you're looking for a photo-shopped finger that's out of place and kinda just floating). And note the $275 sneakers Careny sports in the Jenga pic. - Greg Pollowitz

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