Obama Foreign Policy Watch: Updates on Israel, Ukraine, and Libya

by Greg Pollowitz


Times of IsraelFrom tunnels to R-160s, a primer on Hamas and its deadly capabilities

Reuters: Israel must be probed for war crimes by world powers, UN rights chief says

HaaretzBritish PM: Two-state solution beginning to look impossible

New York TimesQuest for demilitarization of Gaza is seen getting Netanyahu only so far

And from Twitter, maybe the UN should tell Hamas to stop storing rockets in UNRWA facilities:


BBC News: Forensic scientists reach jet crash site

The Moscow TimesSeparatists’ faults my give Putin a way out

Kyiv Post: G7 leaders: Russia’s aggression against Ukraine ‘unacceptable and violate international law’

Evidence collection at this point has to take a back seat to recovering the bodies of the murdered:


NBC News: Deadly Libya violence pushes country toward ‘failed state’

New York Times: Don’t abandon Libya

Libya Monitor: