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FAA Bans Flights Over Iraq For U.S. Airstrikes

Via Washington Post:

The Federal Aviation Administration announced Friday that it was banning all U.S. airlines from flying in the airspace above Iraq.

Flights are barred from flying over Iraq “due to the potentially hazardous situation created by the armed conflict” in the area, the agency said. U.S. airlines will only be allowed to fly through Iraqi airspace with authorization from the FAA or another U.S. governmental agency.

The announcement came after U.S. military jets carried out two airstrikesoutside of Irbil, with President Obama authorizing airstrikesand humanitarian drops of meals and water. A senior administration official told The Washington Post that the airstrike authorization is narrow but that there could be a number of situations in which such strikes could be launched. . .

Usually the air corridor that flies right over Iraq and Baghdad is packed with planes. - Greg Pollowitz

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