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Hipster Homemakers and ‘Extreme Domesticity’


Okay, can you tell I’m avoiding some other writing projects? One more post on the Home Front, and — I promise — I’m going to leave you good readers alone. But I found Rebecca Cusey’s recent article about “Hipster Homemakers and ‘Extreme Domesticity’” very interesting. She asks:

Women are taking on burdens their grandmothers rejected: growing organic food, canning, baking bread. Is this movement a way to take care of one’s family properly or a symptom of an overly wealthy and neurotic society?

Her article goes on to explain her views on the matter, but she’s gotten some push back from (apparently?) some hip homemakers. Tara Edelschick’s reply to her post is the most well reasoned. What do you think?  

Are these “hipster homemakers” type-A personalities that carry their overachievement to the home front? Or, as Tara claims, is the real curse of modern motherhood (especially among the wealthy and well-educated) a certain defensiveness about the choices we make?


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