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World AIDS Day


My friend Tom Walsh, who has been with PEPFAR since 2004 and was even the acting head of it in 2009, writes about an event today you might want to check into:

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine something that could bring together Presidents Obama, Bush (43), and Clinton . . . with Bono and Alicia Keys . . . and Kay Warren . . . and Sen. Marco Rubio and Rep. Barbara Lee.

But it’s happening. Tomorrow (Thursday) morning, the ONE Campaign and Project (RED) have organized an observance of World AIDS Day that will include all of the above, and others.

And they’re coming together for the best of reasons — to celebrate the progress we’ve made in 30 years of fighting this disease. Over the last decade, the PEPFAR program has made incredible strides at reversing the toll of AIDS, especially in Africa, the hardest-hit region. Recent scientific advances have made it possible to do even more, and tomorrow’s event will offer a window into the opportunities ahead of us. 

You can watch the event here live at 10 a.m. EST, or anytime thereafter.


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