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Scholastic’s One-Sided ‘Occupy’ Coverage


Michelle Malkin has been writing about Scholastic’s lop-sided coverage of the “Occupy Wall Street” movement:

Scholastic Inc. is a nearly century-old educational publishing company that distributes books, magazines, and other teaching materials through the schools.

If you have kids (or remember from your own grade-school days), Scholastic puts out news bulletins that get sent home weekly or monthly.

One of those items is Scholastic News, which bills itself as “America’s Leading News Source for kids.”

Reader Edward has a daughter in fourth grade who brought home the December issue of Scholastic News — and he wasn’t too happy when he saw the publication’s coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Click through to see their news article, biased poll, and to find out how to contact Scholastic to talk to them about their reporting.


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