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Roe of Roe v. Wade to Appear in Movie Doonby


Norma McCorvey will play a character who tries to talk her neighbor out of an abortion in an upcoming film:

No stranger to controversy, McCorvey, 64, has had a colorful life since being the focal point of one of the most controversial decisions in American history. After living for many years as a lesbian, McCorvey in 1994 reversed her opinion on abortion and became an activist to overturn Roe v. Wade. She later converted to Catholicism and says she is no longer a lesbian.“I wasn’t seeking out an acting role, but after I read the script I knew I had to play Nancy because it seemed to have been written especially for me,” said McCorvey in a press release, “I understand the role that I’ve played in history in my first act and this is my second act. The message of the film is something we can all agree on: every human life has value, promise and meaning.”

Watch the clip here.


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