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Social Media Makes Adoption Easier


Ever since I wrote “The Joy of Pretty Things” about my daughter Naomi, I’ve gotten many e-mails from you readers about adoption. So, I thought you might be interested in how technology is making adoption an easier option for mothers in crisis pregnancies.

Rebecca Hagelin writes:

One lopsided statistic easily overlooked in the abortion debate is this: 3700 abortions occur each day, drastically outnumbering the 68 adoptions that occur across all fifty states on any given day. It’s “a staggering gap,” says Thea Ramirez, a social worker and former adoption agency director.

What did Ms. Ramirez do about this disparity? She created this Facebook-like website called Adoption-Share, where all parties in the adoption process to meet to connect, network, and gather information about the sometimes way-too-complicated process.

Who can join this website? Rebecca writes:

Women exploring adoption as a solution to their crisis pregnancy may join Adoption-Share for free. The confidentiality of an on-line setting and the ease of a social network provide time, space, and privacy to seriously consider adoption.

Licensed agencies may join, for a monthly fee. They benefit because every prospective adoptive family in the network is already approved for adoption. (Families must have their home study completed and approved in order to join Adoption-Share.) Agencies can be transparent about the adoptive situations they offer and streamline the process.

And prospective adoptive parents enjoy the great blessing of communicating, networking, and gathering relevant information from licensed adoption agencies before they need to make a financial commitment.

Visit Adoption-Share here.


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