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Great or Greatest Dad Ever?


In case you’re not one of the 28 million people who have watched this on YouTube, here’s North Carolina father Tommy Jordan who — literally — shot his daughter’s laptop after he discovered disparaging remarks on her “wall.” Don’t worry: No people were endangered during his kinetic parenting:

Jordan recently defended his actions (and expressed regrets) to ABC. An excerpt:

The clip also led to both harsh criticism and showers of praise of Jordan, and ignited a debate about his in-your-face style of parenting.

In his response to ABC News Jordan, an IT worker from Albemarle, N.C., admits that the stress that he and his family have endured since the video went viral has been tough, particularly for his wife, and says that “because of that alone, I’d not do it again.”

Jordan also admits that the video of his response going viral in such a huge way is an example of “the punishment accidentally outweighing the crime.”

His entire email exchange with ABC is here.


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