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Dubious Environmental and Anti-Capitalist Message in The Lorax


Parents, as you think about which movie to see this weekend, here’s the scoop about The Lorax from Rebecca Cusey:

The story follows Ted (voice of Zac Efron) as he tries to impress Audrey (voice of Taylor Swift) by finding the elusive creature called the Lorax (voice of Danny DeVito). The Lorax is a bit cranky because all his trees have been taken. John said the movie was good in its creation, funny and well-made, enjoyable. However, he cautioned that it carries a strong environmental message that becomes downright anti-business. It’s as if there’s no middle ground, he said, between liking trees and businesses wanting all trees to be destroyed. It sets up a false choice. Parents should be aware that the movie carries this message.

In fact, The Lorax movie’s official website encourages kids to change their Facebook profile pictures to help save the trees, to “go green,” and to participate in the National Education Association’s “Read with the Trees” program. (Notably, they have a donation button so that Lorax fans can contribute to the NEA as well.)  They also helpfully include education plans for teachers to use with their students, including one which helps students understand that “individual choices contribute to climate change. Students will learn the role that carbon-containing greenhouse gases play in the changing climate and calculate their own carbon footprints.”

Hum…maybe staying home with an online rental this weekend will help reduce your family’s carbon footprint.


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