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Why This Mom Said ‘No’ to Twilight and ‘Yes’ to The Hunger Games


Last night, I took my son to do what millions of American had already done this weekend: see The Hunger Games, a movie adaptation of the novel by Suzanne Collins. It seems pointless to explain the plot of the film. Unless you’ve been living in your mom’s basement playing video games for the past few months (no offense, David), you know the story of Katniss Everdeen, a young woman taken from her district to participate in annual government games that result in almost certain death.

Before our movie, however, the trailer for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 flickered across the large screen. Bella Swan, you see, is now a beautiful vampire instead of an average, sullen teen. That’s when it hit me. Now that we’ve been introduced to Katniss, Bella looks ridiculous.

The Hunger Games have been called “the new Twilight,” but read why I chose Team Katniss over Team Bella. It wasn’t even close.


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