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October Baby Star John Schneider Says Movie Is Not about Politics


Suzanne Venker wrote a great piece about why we should all see the new movie October Baby, a flick about a college freshman who finds out she’s the adopted survivor of an attempted abortion. Suzanne writes:

Any movie that’s considered off-limits to the media elite should make you want to see it all the more. We have two options when it comes to assessing matters of a moral nature: We can be told how to think or we can think for ourselves.

Rebecca Cusey also recommends the movie and interviewed Dukes of Hazard star John Schneider, who plays the main character’s loving but flawed father Jacob. Rebecca writes:

And Baby focuses a lot on honesty and integrity but this isn’t simply the message movie that some make it out to be, according to Schneider. While many see Baby as strictly a pro-life film, Schneider disagrees. He doesn’t see the movie as being either for or against abortion. “I see it as a forgiveness and healing film,” he said.

But he says that the movie offers up “a different perspective.” “I’d never heard of abortion survivors” before reading the script, he said. And he was so surprised by the concept that he had to reread the page where the concept was introduced.

Schneider didn’t discuss the politics of the movie with me but he told me that those who would automatically reject the concept because of its focus on an abortion survivor should keep an open mind about seeing the film. Schneider—who said that he doesn’t believe that “there’s anything such thing as a Republican or a Democrat anymore”—was quick to note how much he enjoyed debating politics with Bill Maher on the show Politically Incorrect and hopes that people continue to engage in thoughtful discussions, even about controversial subjects and he hopes that Baby can lead to such a conversation.

“I would love to be privy to the conversations in the car on the way home” after seeing the movie, he said.

Read the whole interview here, and see the trailer here.


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