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Idiot Parents in the News


Mail Online:

Parents sue Apple over children’s costly and highly addictive apps: Some are aimed at children as young as four – but can rack up bills up to £1,300 ‘In-app’ purchases allow children to rack up bills

’Game currency’ purchased with real money

Bills of up to £1,300 from ‘free’ apps

Both my kids have iPods. Both my kids know that the punishment for downloading an app without my permission is the loss of said iPod. But, with that said, Apple has a fix for this that I employ, modeled after Reagan’s “trust, but verify.”

Go to “Settings” –> “Restrictions” –> Turn “Restrictions” on and set a password –> Turn off “Installing Apps” and turn off “In-App Purchase.”

And depending on your child, you can turn off Safari, YouTube, the camera, FaceTime, etc.

Done. Now you’re a good parent. Pass it on.


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