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The New Time Cover That Is Not an Onion Spoof


It will be in your mailbox soon. The brand new Time magazine, featuring a cover story on mothering and breast feeding . . . just in time for Mother’s Day. What could more heart-warming and down-home?

Well, take a look. A boy who looks like a first-grader latched onto his mom’s breast right there, big as all outdoors, looking straight at you, the reader. He’s enjoying his after-school snack: milk and cookies, sans the cookies.

The really sad news is that we will never be able to look forward to the goofiest, most disturbing magazine cover ever. This is as bad as it will ever get.

This poor boy may be diggin’ life now, but will soon be forever teased as the “Got Milk?” boy that Time magazine and his indulgent mom made infamous.


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