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Review: The Dictator Bravely Offends One and All


Rebecca Cusey has the scoop on the new movie by the famous Borat star, Sacha Baron Cohen:

You can say this for Sacha Baron Cohen: he’s never been a coward. His fearlessness in his latest work, The Dictator (opening Wednesday, May 16), is by far its greatest strength. He raises issues no one else touches and proclaims a passionate love song to democracy that would make George W. Bush proud.

She continues:

In a world in which regular reports come of attempted terrorism on American soil and actual terrorism overseas by radical elements of the Islamic faith, Hollywood tiptoes around Muslims in general and Muslim villains in particular.

Sacha Baron Cohen doesn’t give a fig if you — or the entire Middle East — are offended, just as he had no problem with selling the nation of Kazakhstan down the river.

Except he’d say it in much more colorful language.

As Aladeen, he continually “goes there,” offering to throw a newborn baby girl into a trash can because girls are worthless, comparing educated women to trained animals, ordering assassinations for questioning him.

Sound good? Well, be warned. He “goes there” in other ways too — including full male frontal nudity — which might make you think twice before making this a Mother’s Day outing. Read the entire review here.


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